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Using advanced algorithms, SoundAware identifies all the musical content played on all radio stations, with live, up-to-the-second results . Several music charts, including the Dutch Top 40 and the 3FM Top 50, are based on our technology. What’s more, with our Buma Song Tracker, Soundaware can keep composers and music publishers up to date with an overview of all relevant airplay on the different radio stations.


SoundAware registers and checks commercial breaks and commercials. We use real time messaging to offer you insight in the airplay of commercials and the beginning and ending (times) of programmes. Furthermore, we are able to compare the actual airing schedule with agreements made by advertisers. Would you like to find out exactly what aired in 2011? You are able to search for years back in our extensive database.


SoundAware technology offers second-screen solutions during television broadcasts or live shows. Silently, and in the background, we recognise which programmes you are watching or listening to. This enables the content on your tablet to run parallel to the television signal. You can also access our enriched EPG data, giving you further insights into the content of television programmes.


Our SoundAware listening app recognises channels, programmes and even individual content items, such as songs, that are accessed via a smartphone or tablet, creating further opportunities for real-time audience research. Would you like to knowexactly when users switch to a different channel or programme? SoundAware can tell you.


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