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Online music usage is ever growing, but how to efficiently trace and monetize online music usage? That’s a question the music industry is struggling with.

Soundaware and TRCKTrace have developed a highly effective system of locating and identifying websites with music so you can monetize this usage. Here’s how we do it:

The challenge

There are millions and millions of corporate websites out there and most of them use music or video’s with music to tell their story. What most of these website owners don’t realize is that they need permission to use this music.

How we do it

First we import the corporate websites from your territory to our database and start to crawl them for audio files. Once an audio file is detected, our crawler grabs and saves it. Then wewill identify the music using the best fingerprint software out there.

After identifying all music, we will report the title, artist and composer along with duration and location of the sound file, all ready to be licensed!

This process can also be used to trace and detect music in commercials, which is a great way to check if the sync license is covered.

We deliver quality

Why TRCKTrace and SoundAware? Where TrckTrace's algorithm is extremely accurate in detecting music online, SoundAware's granularity, speed and accuracy is unmatched. This might sound like high tech, but here lies the true value for you as a CMO. It simply means we're capable of detecting thousands of websites and sending you accurate reports in short notice, containing all information required to focus on your core business: making sure composers and artist get paid for their creative efforts and thereby creating a sustainable music ecosystem.

Contact us for a trial or join right away!

We like to say: the proof is in the pudding! We are always ready to proof our claim and invite you to test up to a hundred URL's. We'll activate our detecting and identifying process as described above and send youa report. A really good way to test the use of our service for your business goals.

Please contact us to use this cost free trial!


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