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SoundAware reinforces European ambitions with acquisition of three companies

SoundAware Media Monitoring further shapes its European ambitions with the acquisition of no fewer than three companies: TRCKTrace, Adfact and RTV Monitor. Acquiring these three companies is a logical next step within the strategy of registering and reporting media use and spending on online and offline media in addition to automatic music recognition via SoundAware's fingerprinting technology.

All companies become a part of the SoundAware Group, within which they continue to operate independently and can also benefit from each other's technology and infrastructure.

“These acquisitions fully match our Dutch and European ambitions," said Harold de Groot, managing director of SoundAware. "This step brings new growth opportunities and we also see synergy benefits by sharing technology and infrastructure within the group.”

“SoundAware has been the benchmark for years when it comes to high-quality monitoring of music use on radio, TV and in venues and the production of charts. Thanks to the state-of-the-art search algorithms from TRCKTrace we can now also map worldwide music events and monitor which music is used online. Adfact specializes in registering and harmonizing offline and online advertisements and media spending: not only on linear media such as radio and TV, but also commercials used in cinemas, newspapers, magazines and outdoors is reported daily. RTV Monitor, last but not least, is a forerunner in the field of automated indexing and notification of radio and TV content and political debates. Real-time updates of spoken text that are received by advanced search terms can be easily filtered. They provide detailed insight into what is being said on radio and television about certain brands, subjects or people. RTV Monitor also provides high-quality summaries of programs.”

Joris Bos, director of TRCKTrace is particularly pleased with the acquisition. “Cooperation with SoundAware makes it possible for us to take the next step: developing further on a worldwide scale. In the different countries where we are active it has become clear that we are at the forefront of technology, now it is time to turn that into market leadership.”

Lars de Vries, of Adfact: “By bundling the technological power within the SoundAware Group and the market knowledge of Adfact, a company is created from which Dutch and European partners can benefit. Mapping the digital advertising market in particular will receive a huge boost with this step.”

Abderrahim (Ab) Ait Ben Moh, of RTV Monitor, sees great opportunities: “The extensive and reliable infrastructure of SoundAware fits in perfectly with our services. We can connect more linear channels and broaden our markets. We are quite pleased with the cooperation, certainly also because of the match in culture and ambition.”

About TRCKTrace:
Music monitoring company TRCKTrace offers the most advanced solutions with which creators can follow their music and optimally manage their rights. The company does this by monitoring 24/7 where and when music is played online and where worldwide music events take place. By deploying their state-of-the-art systems, they can detect even the smallest pieces of music and report on this to the rights holders in real time. For more information:

About Adfact:
Adfact monitors all mass media daily to map all "above the line" (ATL) campaigns. They store, among other things, all television, radio and cinema commercials, online display and video expressions and outdoor advertisements. It enriches these stored statements with information about, among other things, brand, concern, media value, media agency and publication date. For more information:

About RTV Monitor:
RTV Monitor ensures that companies and organizations are always aware of the mentioning of their brand or organization. With a team of enthusiastic analysts and state-of-the-art software they screen real-time 24 hours a day all national and regional radio and TV channels in The Netherlands. Based on this data, they send live updates and open their archives to provide access to earlier reporting. Through this way of working they enable their customers to see in detail how effective their ‘earned media’ exposure has been. For more information


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