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SoundAware hires industry veteran Floris Slootmans to bolster international growth

SoundAware is expanding its senior team to accelerate its growth strategy and today announced that Floris Slootmans is appointed to streamline the international business development of the Dutch company. SoundAware is specialised in realtime automatic content recognition and recently expanded its portfolio with Sabam, the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers.

“We are delighted to have someone of Floris’ calibre and experience step up to join us,” said Harold de Groot, managing director of SoundAware. “We are at a critical moment and we need dedicated business development to successfully implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities ahead. He is a strong communicator with deep knowledge of the European market of authors, composers and publishers.”

Slootmans’ main goal will be to introduce SoundAware’s technology to a broader clientele, building partnerships that benefit the ecosystem on a larger scale. He said, “I am honoured and excited to join SoundAware. I strongly believe that their content recognition technology is by far the most advanced on the market. They are way ahead of the game and know exactly what is needed to benefit both content makers and creators.”

SoundAware is a pioneer in automatic content recognition. Using advanced algorithms, SoundAware identifies all the musical content played on radio, tv or internet, with live, up-to-the-second results, creating analytical and tracking opportunities for content on radio, television and mobile devices. The services are used by a wide range of companies across Europe, including Sabam, Buma/Stemra and Sena.


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