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Sena to collaborate with Buma/Stemra and SoundAware for detailed Music Airplay Monitoring Data

SoundAware, a leading supplier of Automatic Content Recognition technology and Airplay Monitoring services has started to deliver detailed Dutch airplay data to the Dutch Foundation for Exploitation of Neighbouring Rights ("Sena"). Using its digital fingerprinting technology, SoundAware is monitoring music usage on a large number of radio and TV stations on a daily basis for Sena.

This new collaboration arose from SoundAware's existing services to Buma/Stemra, the Dutch rights organization that was the first to use advanced airplay monitoring. It also underlines the further collaboration between Buma/Stemra and Sena.

Hans Moolhuijsen, CFO of Sena, said: "Having one consistent source for all airplay data for the whole Dutch market will improve the quality and reliability of the reporting. SoundAware has a strong track record of producing detailed reports that we can use to quickly and adequately serve our rights holders, making it an important partnership for us. We are very pleased with to be able to make this next step with SoundAware after a careful preliminary process and we look forward to working more closely with SoundAware to ensure our rights holders get the most value out of this partnership."

Wim van Limpt, CEO of Buma/Stemra: "This is a great new step in the collaboration between Buma/Stemra and Sena with the constant goal of creating the highest possible added value for rightsholders and music users."

Harold de Groot, CEO of SoundAware, said: "We are very happy to add Sena as a customer, which confirms our position in the Dutch market. We have adjusted our process on various points so that we can deliver a service that complies with Sena’s requirements, including recordings version management. In addition, we will be working towards even more real-time identification over the next few years."

SoundAware has in recent years developed a specialized set of technologies and tools for automated content recognition and created a unique position as the source of the most complete airplay data in the industry. In a world in which every music second played on radio and TV broadcasts, internet or streaming represents value for rights holders, SoundAware's mission is to continually deliver the most complete measurement results.


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