Advanced audience research

Mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets are in fact powerful computers that can offer a new dimension in audience research. People have them to hand nearly all of the time, so it seems logical to take advantage of this proximity to recognise the music, radio and TV content that is being consumed. SoundAware has the technology to achieve this, thereby creating a detailed overview of consumption by media viewers and listeners.


Audience research 2.0: Listen and learn

At SoundAware, we believe that traditional ratings logs, where participants have to retrospectively reconstruct the channels and shows they have been listening to or viewing, are obsolete. Today, we can offer mobile applications that deliver audience research data that is larger in scale and more cost-effective than other current research methods. Every three seconds, our apps register which radio or TV channel is being listened to or viewed by the user. This data is then sent to us, where we process the information in our state-of-the-art data centres. Does this sound like a spy novel? Well, it is a clever and efficient way of gathering information, but we never do it without asking for permission first!

Music- and voice recognition

Our audio identification app for smartphones and tablets works on both music and voice. This app enables these devices to identify particular pieces of music, even from brief snippets, or, in the case of voice input, to determine which of your contacts or friends is speaking. What’s more, it can also convert the words that are being spoken into written lines of text.


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